Oil and Gas companies are some of the most influential organizations in the world, but they have experienced a roller coaster of market changes in recent years, causing many to rethink their organizational systems.
Hasman Enterprise Inc. offers oil and gas organizations the benefit of a flexible platform of integrated products and services based on a mobile-first, cloud-first approach. With hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, Hasman Enterprise Inc. can help your oil and gas organization digitally transform by utilizing the latest technologies to improve operations, empower employees, transform your products and engage customers.
To compete in the oil and gas sector, you must reduce complexity, reinvent business models, and make data the fuel for value creation for customers and shareholders. Discover how you can reshape your energy company to take advantage of digital technology.
we are using our experience to help oil and gas companies expose key data and use advanced analytics to support better decision making while maintaining business agility.


Manufacturing sector’s contribution to the nation’s GDP has been very critical for the developed or developing countries like India. The concerns and priorities of various subgroups within the manufacturing sectors are different, but the common challenges are the efficiency of internal and external processes, cost leadership, customer intimacy and business analytics.
Hasman Enterprise Inc. has various IT solutions which are customized according to subgroups of the manufacturing sector to achieve higher efficiencies and effectiveness of your organization. We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions like ERP or CRM to achieve business goals by automating transactional processes and it serves as building blocks for business analytics.
Our manufacturing solution helps in improving productivity, ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring business in real-time.


Infrastructure Development is the core of most developing economies. Infrastructure Companies continuously improve their processes to enable them to win governmental and other tenders competitively by using state-of-the-art IT Solutions that form best fit for each project scenarios. Hasman Enterprise Inc. is fully aware of these complexities and offers solutions that will enable them to derive direct project benefits that are related to time, cost and quality.
Achieve operational excellence, and enable smart infrastructure projects with trusted, proven, and industry-leading technology solutions and services from Hasman Enterprise Inc.


In agriculture, succeeding for our customers means growing a healthy, marketable and profitable crop. For Hasman, it means something bigger: feeding the world sustainably. Our mission is to deliver agricultural products from seeds to crop protection to deliver higher crop yields and more nutritious foods. We believe that by working together with our customers, we can find better ways to improve the quantity, quality, and sustainability of the world’s food supply.
Hasman Enterprise Inc. supports strategic planning for agriculture and agriculture-related enterprises with market data, forecasts, and analyses, as well as standards, agricultural engineering practices, product data, regulatory information and sustainability solutions. You get expert insight into market trends and policy changes, as well as biofuels and environmental impacts, including greenhouse gases and climate change. This information benefits not only agribusiness and the food industry but also procurement, banking, and energy.


While specific government departments may be organized differently, there are basic domain-specific missions that most governments must deliver and requirements they must meet. Hasman Enterprise Inc. not only provides solutions in the cloud for domain-specific agency operations, but also offers the industry’s most complete platforms, enabling agencies to deliver shared services, identify best practices and reusable assets, and meet government requirements.